Audacity of hope ...
Information for anyone, anywhere, anytime is our research vision because information empowers today's humanity. And this tremendous growth of information technology is based on the strength and utilization of various electronics and electronic systems. Therefore, we humbly believe that the number of electronics in our daily life will continue to increase. Hence, discovery and expansion of innovative usage of electronics and electronic systems will ensure enhanced access to better healthcare, streamlined education, secured financial systems, livable environment, etc. for smart living and sustainable future. Inspired by this vision, our research focus is creative and seamless integration of fundamental understanding of new materials, fabrication processes and devices into integrated nanotechnology based enabling systems for end-user applications. The outcome of our research is steered towards performance, energy and area efficiency, functionality, reliability, manufacturability, scalability and affordability of traditional and flexible electronics based integrated systems. Impact of our research is resonated in future generation computing including big data, cloud computation, cyber-physical systems and augmented reality, clean and readily available energy, and health care. The uniquely distinguishable strength of our research is "papers to wafers" - anything drawn on the paper, we can fabricate on wafer! Our strategy is to play with the structural and the material transformation and to transform trash into treasure. Two principles we follow before undertaking any research project: (i) are we going to address one of the most difficult engineering challenges (i.e. impact of the topic)? and (ii) is it the first ever to open a new frontier in science (i.e. novelty)? High risk, high gain is our mantra. One of the riskiest factors of our group is we have only students as researchers, but they are the richest assets for our group too.
Leveraging their vigor and positive energy, we relentlessly pursue to succeed against all odds by stretching the limit of human imagination by innovative integration of science and engineering to make this world better than we have found her.
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Multimedia: Integrated Nanotechnology for Smart Living and Sustainable Future [click through to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk2knkR1MoA]

Silicon nanotube FET [Click video here]

Flexible silicon [Click video here]