2012 Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit

Research display in 2012 Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit

‚ÄčKAUST aspires to be one of the greatest universities in Energy related research. We are making our humble efforts to display what we are doing by the Red Sea to realize King Abdullah's vision and to enhance Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's visibility through cutting-edge technology focused fundamental research by converting normal window glasses into thermoelectricity generator by PhD candidate Salman Inayat, Energy-Chip - a self-powered systems-on-chip by MS student Sally Ahmed and PhD candidate Jhonathan Rojas and high performance micro-sized microbial fuel cell for lab-on-chip by PhD candidate Junstine Mink. To know more about the 2012 Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit please browse: http://www.ct-si.org/events/APCE2012/about/.