Aftab pss-RRL 2013

Aftab's paper in pss-RRL


​Great month for our lab with already 3 accepted papers. This time it's Aftab in physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters. With a new Impact Factor of 2.388, pss (RRL) continues to be the highest impact letter journal dedicated to solid state physics.

We demonstrate a simple, low-cost, and scalable process for obtaining uniform, smooth surfaced, high quality mono-crystalline germanium (100) thin films on silicon (100). The germanium thin films were deposited on a silicon substrate using plasma assisted sputtering based physical vapor deposition. They were crystallized by annealing at various temperatures ranging from 700 °C to 1100 °C. We report that the best quality germanium thin films are obtained above the melting point of germanium (937 °C), thus offering a method for in-situ Czochralski process. We show well behaved high-κ/metal gate Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitors (MOSCAPs) using this film.

Excellent work, Aftab-Fahad-Galo!


A. M. Hussain, H. M. Fahad, G. A. Torres Sevilla, M. M. Hussain, “Thermal recrystallization of physical vapor deposition based germanium thin films on bulk silicon (100)physica status solidi (RRL) (Just accepted).