Graphene FET paper in ACS NANO

​Our paper by C. Smith, R. Qaisi, Z. Liu (Texas State University), Q. Yu (Texas State University), M. M. Hussain titled, "Low Voltage Back-gated Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition based Graphene Striped Channel Transistor with High-k Dielectric Showing Room Temperature Mobility >11,000 cm2/V-s” is accepted to ACS NANO. In this we have shown a scaled (10 nm) high-k gate dielectric aluminum oxide (Al2O3) with atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) derived double-layer graphene channel composed of multiple 0.25 um stripes to repeatedly realize room temperature mobility of 11,000 cm2/V-s or higher. Please pay attention to two factors: room temperature measurement and ultra low voltage (+/- 1 volt Vdd) operation. We are very happy to have our 2nd journal paper (after Ghoneim's APL on graphene transfer) on graphene. More to appear soon ...