Jhonathan Ghoneim IEEE TED MIMCAP

Jhonathan and Ghoneim's Flexible MIMCAP paper in IEEE TED!


​Our humble effort to increase the footprint of transformational electronics. Jhonathan and Ghoneim's another solid mark! Thanks to our collaborator Prof. Chadwin Young of UT Dallas for reliability analysis of flexible devices. In this paper, we have reported:

Implementation of memory on bendable substrates is an important step towards a complete and fully developed notion of mechanically flexible computational systems. In this paper we have demonstrated a simple fabrication flow to build Metal-Insulator-Metal capacitors (MIMCAPs), key components of dynamic random access memory (DRAM), on a mechanically flexible silicon (100) fabric. We rely on standard micro-fabrication processes to release a thin sheet of bendable silicon (area: 18 cm2; thickness: 25 mm) in an inexpensive and reliable way. On such platform we fabricated and characterized the devices showing mechanical robustness (minimum bending radius of 10 mm at an applied strain of 83.33 % and nominal strain of 0.125 %) and consistent electrical behavior regardless of the applied mechanical stress. Furthermore, and for the first time, we performed reliability study indicating no significant difference in performance and showing an improvement in lifetime projections.

J. P. Rojas, M. T. Ghoneim, C. Young, M. M. Hussain, “Flexible and Semi-transparent High-k/Metal Gate Metal/Insulator/Metal Capacitors (MIMCAPs) on Silicon (100)”. IEEE Trans. Elect. Dev. (Just Accepted)

More soon in the same front !!!