Justine - Energy Technology

Justine's graphene anode based MFC paper in Wiley's Energy Technology!


​Justine's another paper hit the online today! In this paper, we have designed a more sustainable and flexible micro-sized microbial fuel cell and employed a two dimensional crystal structure material graphene on nickel anode to achieve 1 nW of power using waste water and a waste water substitute. Although only in the beginning research stages, there is a lot of potential for such preliminary steps. Such a design can be used as a testing array to understand conditions for scaling up the MFC technology as well as can be integrated into a portable sensor or lab-on-chip device.


Energy Technology published by prestigious Wiley provides a forum for researchers and engineers from all relevant disciplines concerned with the generation, conversion, storage, and distribution of energy.         


We are setting trend by expanding usage of graphene in unique ways like water purification and power generation.


Graphene based Flexible Micro-sized Microbial Fuel Cell by Justine E. Mink, Ramy M. Qaisi and Muhammad M. Hussain