MRS Fall 2012

6 papers in MRS Fall 2012


​We are humbled as a group from Electrical Engineering program to display our results in the premier conference for the material scientists: MRS Fall 2012 (Boston, 26 - 30 November 2012):



1.       Highly Manufacturable Fabrication Process for Mechanically Flexible Silicon based Membranes with Adjustable Size, Pore Size and Density – Jhonathan Rojas, Muhammad Hussain
2.       Vertically Aligned Epitaxial Silicon Nanowires and Tubes – Hossain Fahad, Muhammad Hussain
3.       Determination of Efficient Transfer Process for Chemical Vapor Deposition Grown Graphene – Mohamed Ghoneim, Casey Smith, Muhammad Hussain
1.       Nanomaterials Embedded Thermoelectric Windows as Solar Based Energy Harvesters for Green Building Technology – Salman Inayat, Muhammad Hussain
2.       Graphene Anode Integrated High-performance Mico-Sized Microbial Fuel Cell – Justine Mink, Muhammad Hussain
3.       Harsh Environment Compatible Amorphous Metal Based Nanoelectromechanical Switch and Systems – Abdulilah Mayet, Muhammad Hussain