Page 10/29/2013 18:37:27

Latest PhD from "Audacity of Hope" Lab: Dr. Justine Mink!


Personal reflection from Prof. Hussain (Leader of "Audacity of Hope" Lab)

Today our own Justine Mink (from EnSE program) has successfully defended her PhD dissertation. We had a large audience of 75 members from KAUST community including Dean Pierre J. Magistretti. The committee members include: Prof. Gary Amy, Prof. Pascal Saikaly and US National Academy of Engineering Member Prof. Bruce Logan of Penn State University. Justine has first authored 6 journal and 6 conference papers in high impact diverse venues: Nano Letters (impact factor 15, 2nd top journal in nanotechnology), ACS Nano (impact factor 13, 4th top journal in nanotechnology), Energy Technology (cover page), physica status solidi A, Bioresources Technology (pending revision) and Nature Asia Materials (pending decision), IEEE Nano 2012, MRS Fall Meeting 2012, etc. She has won the first prize in the KAUST inaugural graduate research symposium 2011 and the best research prize in KFUPM 5th Graduate Research Symposium. Although she secured a post-doctoral position in Penn State, she decided to join DOW Chemical R&D Middle East and Africa to station in KAUST for next 2 years before she moves back to Michigan plant of DOW. I am very happy that when there was no lab, I started looking into micro/nano version of microbial fuel cell and actively recruited her to join the team to add the values from EnSE perspective. Today we are inarguably world’s leading group in this area (can do so much still!). Justine joined KAUST as an inaugural MS student from John Hopkins University with a duel degree in Civil Engineering and in International Relations. Will continue the momentum in truly multidisciplinary research.


Heartiest congratulations, Dr. Justine Mink!