Page 10/29/2013 06:53:02

Justine's pss-A -gift on her PhD defense date!

Nothing can be more rewarding gift (except the official title of PhD), than another accepted paper! Justine’s paper “Role of metal/silicon semiconductor contact engineering for enhanced output current in micro-sized microbial fuel cells” by Justine Mink, Jhonathan Rojas, Kelly Rader and Muhammad Mustafa Hussain has been accepted to physica status solidi A. physica status solidi is devoted to the thorough peer review and the rapid publication of new and important results in all fields of solid state and materials physics, from basic science to applications and devices.
In this paper, We show that contact engineering plays an important role to extract the maximum performance from energy harvesters like microbial fuel cells. We experimented with Schottky and Ohmic methods of fabricating contact areas on silicon in an MFC contact material study. We utilized the industry standard contact material, aluminum, as well as a metal whose silicide has recently been recognized for its improved performance in smallest scale integration requirements, cobalt. Our study shows that improvements in contact engineering are not only important for device engineering but also for microsystems.
This study seals our deal with microbial fuel cell as we are the only group in the world who have explored every single material aspect of a micro-sized microbial fuel cell. Congratulations Justine!