Page 11/12/2013 06:29:00

Promise Kept: Amir's Paper in APL!

I promised to you when you approached me last year to join our group that in a year we will publish on topic you enjoy. It’s not a year yet, we have an APL just accepted and TED on the way followed by pss-RRL!
Zinc Oxide Integrated Area Efficient High Output Low Power Wavy Channel Thin Film Transistor
A.N. Hanna, M. T. Ghoneim, R. R. Bahabry, A. M. Hussain, M. M. Hussain
We report an atomic layer deposition based zinc oxide channel material integrated thin film transistor using wavy channel architecture allowing expansion of the transistor width in the vertical direction using the fin type features. The experimental devices show area efficiency, higher normalized output current and relatively lower power consumption compared to the planar architecture. This performance gain is attributed to the increased device width and an enhanced applied electric field due to the architecture when compared to a back gated planar device with the same process conditions.
Congratulations Amir et al.!