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Year ending bonanza: Salman's paper!


​Just I posted the "2013 - A Year in Retrospect", Salman's paper accepted to Energy Technology published by Wiley compelled me to edit the "2013 - A Year in Retrospect" as for 2013, our journal paper count went up to 20 :)


This was Salman's last paper on his PhD topic and the paper entitled, "Nano-manufacturing of Thermoelectric Nano-materials (Bi0.4Sb1.6Te3/ Bi1.75Te3.25) and Integration into Window Glasses for Thermoelectricity Generation" by S. B. Inayat, K. R. Rader, M. M. Hussain, discusses integration of thermoelectric nano-materials into window glass to generate thermoelectricity from the temperature gradient between solar heated outdoor and relatively cold indoor. Up until today thermoelectric generators are built on a single side of a substrate, therefore requiring the two temperature environments to exist on the same side of the substrate. For this application, substantially thick window glass (>5mm) serves as the interface where the hot side needs to be on the exterior side of the window and the cold side on the interior side. We demonstrate thermopiles made of nano-materials integrated through the glass. With meticulous engineering, 300 watts of power can be generated from a 9 m2 window for a temperature gradient of 20 ºC, which is typical in hot climatic dessert areas such as Middle East and African Sahara. A thermoelectric window can be a supplementary power source for waste heat recovery in green building technology.

According to both of the esteemed reviewers the paper describes a novel use of thermoelectric generator and an interesting way to harvest energy from daily life materials - resonating our key strategy: transforming ash into treasure!


Salman: Glad to learn you are spending 8 hours per day in Northern California Nanofab and getting a lot of appreciation for adding values to your group's core and no other better way to end the year with such a happy ending ...