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Jhonathan's ACS Nano!

Well, this is the paper we really wanted to seal the deal to brand our product as "Transformational Silicon Electronics" and guess what? That happened in ACS Nano by none other than Jhonathan et al.! There are some more coming from him before he leaves us but he will always be remembered for his calm demure, his integration ability (which is better than mine) and his dedication for the group. So, all hail to Jhonathan!
Transformational Silicon Electronics
Jhonathan Prieto Rojas, Galo Andras Torres Sevilla, Mohamed Tarek Ghoneim, Salman Bin Inayat, Sally M. Ahmed, Aftab Mustansir Hussain, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain
In today’s traditional electronics like in computers or in mobile phones, billions of high performance, ultra-low power devices are neatly integrated in extremely compact areas on rigid and brittle but low-cost bulk mono-crystalline silicon (100) wafers. Ninety percent of global electronics are made up of silicon. Therefore, we have developed a generic low-cost regenerative batch fabrication process to transform such wafers full of devices into thin (5 um), mechanically flexible, optically semi-transparent silicon fabric with devices; then recycling the remaining wafer to generate multiple silicon fabric with chips and devices ensuring low-cost and optimal utilization of the whole substrate. We show mono, amorphous and poly-crystalline silicon and silicon dioxide fabric – all from low-cost bulk silicon (100) wafers with semiconductor industry’s most advanced high-k/metal gate stack based high performance, ultra-low power capacitors, field effect transistors, energy harvesters and storage to emphasize the effectiveness and versatility of this process to transform the traditional electronics into flexible and semi-transparent one for multi-purpose applications.