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IEEE NANO 2014 - 3 papers by Ghoneim-Joanna-Maha!

Congratulations to Ghoneim-Joanna-Maha for continuing our success in IEEE Nano 2014!
1.       Ultra-Thin Flexible and Semi-Transparent Bulk Monocrystalline Silicon (100) Fabric based FeRAM by Mohamed T. Ghoneim, Amir N. Hanna, and Muhammad M. Hussain
2.       Transfer-less Flexible and Transparent High-/Metal Gate Germanium Devices on Bulk Silicon (100) by Joanna M. Nassar, Aftab M. Hussain, Jhonathan P. Rojas, and Muhammad M. Hussain
3.       CMOS Compatible Route for GaAs based Large Scale Flexible and Transparent Electronics by Maha Nour, Mohamed Ghoneim, Ravi Droopad and Muhammad M. Hussain - Ontario: here comes the SEAL team!