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Keep it coming ... this time in APL!

Ghoneim is really on roll! At the moment – he is single handedly carrying the flag of the group which is known for its sheer productivity … Second journal paper and I know there are others in the pipeline very ripe J
Arwa: This is your first mark too but more importantly you should share the story with your junior colleagues as sometimes they may get frustrated what are they doing J
Farzan: A very good height for your application to college – every single Nobel laureate in Physics has published in APL so authorship there, still being in the school is BIG!
Mechanical Anomaly Impact on Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Capacitors on Flexible Silicon Fabric
M. T. Ghoneim, A. Kutbee, F. Ghodsi Nasseri, G. Bersuker, and M. M. Hussain
We report the impact of mechanical anomaly on high-ƙ/metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors built on flexible silicon (100) fabric. The mechanical tests include studying the effect of bending radius up to 5 mm minimum bending radius with respect to breakdown voltage and leakage current of the devices. We also report the effect of continuous mechanical stress on the breakdown voltage over extended periods of times.
Keep it coming the only academic SEAL (Stellar – Elegant – Aggressive – Lethal) team!