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Tsukuba bound Joanna!

Congratulations to Joanna et al. for the paper entitled, “Flexible Silicon-Germanium Devices With High-k/Metal Gate Stacks For Next Generation High Hole Mobility Channel Devices” by Joanna M. Nassar, Aftab M. Hussain, Jhonathan P. Rojas and Muhammad M. Hussain to be accepted in 46th International  Conference on Solid State Materials and Devices (SSDM 2014) in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan (8th to 11th September 2014).
With its 46th annual conference being held this year, SSDM is one of the most traditional international conferences held in Japan. SSDM covers a broad spectrum of topics related to solid state devices and materials, and 15 areas are set up for discussion. The number of papers submitted has exceeded 700, and a special issue of the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) focusing on this conference is scheduled to be published. Approximately 1,000 conference participants expected to attend.
In this paper, we talk about, “Silicon germanium (SiGe) has received considerable attention as an alternate channel material to replace silicon as next generation high-hole mobility channel devices (specifically for p-MOSFETs). We demonstrate in this work a CMOS compatible cost-effective process to transform epitaxially grown silicon-germanium based arrays of high-k/metal gate based metal oxide semiconductor capacitors (MOSCAPs) into flexible and semi-transparent one. We show outstanding mechanical flexibility (bending radius of 4 mm), and optical semi-transparency of 6%, with good electrical charac-teristics assessed under mechanical bending conditions.”
Way to go, Joanna with your 3rd first-authored paper this year!