Page 08/29/2014 21:12:35

10 in MRS Fall 2014!

Last year we had nine papers and this year in MRS Meeting Fall 2014 we have 10 papers (including 4 orals) accepted … As a non-material science and engineering group, this can be considered as a very strong show. Kudos to all the authors who made this happen …
Oral presentations:
Abdulilah Mayet, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain – Amorphous WNx Metal For Accelerometers and Gyroscope
Mohamed Ghoneim, Jhonathan Rojas, Arwa Kutbee, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain – Towards Ultra-High Density Fully-Flexible Inorganic Memory
Rabab Bahabry, Jhonathan Rojas, Aftab Hussain, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain –Novel interdigitated back contact for flexible mono-crystalline silicon solar cells
O2 thin films for Microbatteries
ter presentations:
Qaisi, Casey Smith, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain – Buried gate transistor for modulation of graphene channel conductance
Aftab Hussain, Ernesto Lizardo, Galo Torres Sevilla, Joanna Nassar, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain – Stretchable and Flexible Copper Conductors for Next Generation Wearable Electron
Sally Ahmed, Ernesto Byas Lizardo, Christos Sapsanis, Khaled Salama, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain – Humidity Sensor on Flexible Semi-transparent Silicon for Smar
t Skin
Joanna Nassar, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain – Flexible High Speed Devices From Bulk Mono-crystalline Silicon
Ernesto Byas Lizardo, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain – RF Antennas on Flexible and Semi-Transparent Silicon Substrate
Kalthom Kalantan, Jhonathan Rojas, Muhammad Mustafa Hussain – Contact Resistance Optimization for Enhanced Performance in Microfabricated Microbial Fuel