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GTS is now the name of a F1 champ – new paper in ACS Nano!!!

I hated when PhD candidate Galo Torres Sevilla was trying to catch his flight for year ending holidays and he said he had flexed the SOI FinFETs  with soft etch back. I hated so much the whole thing. But now I am promoting it. Ladies and gentlemen: bring your ICs, we will now flex it without any condition. Technically decade long process of back grinding can be easily replaced with our soft etch back process. Way to go Galo – you are now the academic research F1 champ with repeated block buster papers (Small, Adv. Mater, and now ACS Nano)!!!
Flexible Nano-Scale High-Performance FinFETs
a, Mohamed T. Ghoneim, Hossain Fahad, Jhonathan P. Rojas, Aftab M. Hussain and Muhammad Mustafa Hussain*
Equally contributing authors
With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), flexible high performance nano-scale electronics are more desired. At the moment, FinFET is the most advanced transistor architecture used in the state-of-the-art micro-processors. Therefore, we show a soft-etch based substrate thinning process to transform silicon-on-insulator (SOI) based nano-scale FinFET into flexible FinFET and then conduct comprehensive electrical characterization under various bending conditions to understand its electrical performance. Our study shows that back-etch based substrate thinning process is gentler than traditional abrasive back-grinding process, it can attain ultra-flexibility and the electrical characteristics of the flexible nano-scale FinFET shows no performance degradation compared to its rigid bulk counterpart indicating its readiness to be used for flexible high-performance electronics.
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