Page 09/21/2014 20:39:37

Ghoneim: official forerunner for flexible electronics reliability (this time in IEEE Transactions on Reliability)!

Ghoneim is now the official forerunner of reliability for flexible electronics … his (coauthored with our beloved Dr. J. P. Rojas, great friend and collaborator UT Dallas Asst. Prof. C. D. Young, and our treasured mentor Dr. Gennadi Bersuker, and MMH) paper entitled, “Electrical analysis of high-κ/metal gate metal oxide semiconductor capacitors on flexible bulk mono-crystalline silicon (100)” has extensively discussed reliability of flexible inorganic electronics. We have reported on the electrical study of the high-κ/metal gate metal oxide semiconductor capacitors (MOSCAPs) on a flexible ultra-thin (25 mm) silicon fabric which is peeled off using a CMOS compatible process from a standard bulk mono-crystalline (100) silicon substrate. A lifetime projection is extracted using statistical analysis of the ramping voltage (Vramp) breakdown and time dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB) data. The obtained flexible MOSCAPs operational voltages satisfying the 10 years lifetime benchmark are compared to those of the control MOSCAPs – not peeled off from the silicon wafer.
Congratulations Ghoneim for patience and undertaking something which is often considered as boring but in reality if anyone sincerely believes in the future of flexible electronics must do an in depth reliability analysis of that to ensure the correct momentum and real consumer application space for flexible electronics.
Ghoneim: Keep it up!
Gennadi - we wish you all the best so you get well soon our great mentor and come back to work with us again ...