Page 09/22/2014 16:45:06

Dr. Diab's First Hit in APL!

Congratulations to Dr. Amer Diab for his paper, “High Temperature Study of Flexible Silicon-On-Insulator Fin Field-Effect Transistors” to be accepted to Applied Physics Letters!
In this paper, Dr. Diab with co-authors (G. A. Torres Sevilla, M. T. Ghoneim and M. M. Hussain), have reported high temperature electrical transport characteristics of a flexible version of the semiconductor industry’s most advanced architecture: fin field-effect transistor (FinFET) on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) with sub-20 nm fins and high-k/metal gate stacks. Characterization from room to high temperature (150 °C) was completed to determine temperature dependence of drain current (Ids), gate leakage current (Igs), transconductance (gm) and extracted low-field mobility (μ0). Mobility degradation with temperature is mainly caused by phonon scattering. The other device characteristics show insignificant difference at high temperature which proves the suitability of inorganic flexible electronics with advanced device architecture.
This paper is an important to study the charge transport phenomena in flexible devices specially when they will experience extreme bending … a lot more to understand and this is the first step towards that. Way to go, Dr. Diab!