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Dr. Diab's back-to-back punch! This time in IEEE TED!!

Dr. Amer Diab has made his back-to-back punch and this time it is in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices!!
Room to High Temperature Measurements of Flexible SOI FinFETs with Sub-20 nm Fins by Amer Diab, Galo Torres Sevilla, Sorin Cristoloveanu, and Muhammad Mustafa Hussain
In this paper, we have reported the temperature dependence of the core electrical parameters and transport characteristics of a flexible version of fin field-effect transistor (FinFET) on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) with sub-20 nm wide fins and high-k/metal gate stacks. For the first time, we have characterized them from room to high temperature (150 °C) to show the impact of temperature variation on drain current, gate leakage current and transconductance. Variation of extracted parameters such as low-field mobility, sub-threshold swing, threshold voltage and ON-OFF current characteristics has been reported too. Direct comparison has been made to a rigid version of the SOI FinFETs. We have found that the mobility degradation with temperature is mainly caused by phonon scattering mechanism. The overall excellent devices performance at high temperature after release has been outlined proving the suitability of truly high-performance flexible inorganic electronics with such advanced architecture.
We are also humbled to have IEEE Fellow Prof. Sorin Cristoloveanu for providing us with valuable advices regarding this paper.
Way to go, Dr. Diab!!