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IEEE TED by Fahad on Ultra-High Performance Wavy FET (FinFET + UTBFET)!

When it rains, it pours!
Simulation Study of a 3D Device Integrating FinFET and UTBFET
Hossain M. Fahad, Student Member, IEEE, Chenming Hu, Fellow, IEEE and Muhammad M. Hussain, Senior Member, IEEE
We have presented the unique advantages of a wavy FinFET (FinFET + UTB/ETB SOI FET) over conventional SOI tri-gate FinFETs for high performance computation needed in future technology nodes. By integrating 2D planar UTBs within the fin-fin spacing of regular tri-gate FinFETs, wavy FinFETs achieve a higher raw performance. In addition to the back bias capability, wavy FinFETs occupy a significantly lower chip-area than the conventional topology enabling high transistor integration density needed for advanced high performance computing applications.
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