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Scientific American selects our work as one of the Top 10 World Changing Ideas of 2014!


​Prestigious Scientific American has selected our work on alternative fuels for microbial fuel cells as one of the Top 10 World Changing Ideas of 2014: Spit Fired Fuel Cells! "10 problem-solving, planet-improving, lifesaving advances set to drive progress in the years ahead." Congratulations to Dr. Justine Mink who carried out the experiment single handedly. It is unbelievable to us ...


"Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, a professor of electrical engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, devotes nearly all of his time to building extremely tiny devices. “You make things very small, you get rapid results,” he says. So in 2010, when he set out to develop an abundant, renewable power source that could be used in extremely remote places for machines that might purify water or diagnose disease, it was inevitable that he would start small. A tiny microbial fuel cell, for example, would be a natural starting point. It was not inevitable, however, that he would choose to power that fuel cell with saliva."