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Amir's Si/Ge Hetero-structure Nanotube Tunnel FET in J. Appl. Phys.

Amir Hanna has played it very well with germanium based nanotube tunnel FET in Journal of Applied Physics.
Si/Ge Hetero-structure Nanotube Tunnel Field Effect Transistor
A.N. Hanna1, M. M. Hussain1
1 Integrated Nanotechnology Lab, Computer Electrical Mathematical Science and Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal 23955-6900, Saudi Arabia
We discuss the physics of conventional channel material (Silicon/Germanium hetero-structure) based transistor topology mainly core/shell (inner/outer) gated nanotube vs. gate-all-around nanowire architecture for tunnel field effect transistor application. We show that nanotube topology can result in higher performance through higher normalized current when compared to nanowire architecture at Vdd = 1 V due to the availability of larger tunneling cross section and lower Shockley-Reed-Hall recombination. Both architectures are able to achieve sub 60 mV/dec performance for more than 5 orders of magnitude of drain current. This enables the nanotube configuration achieving performance same as the nanowire architecture even when Vdd is scaled down to 0.5 V.
Using conventional channel materials such as silicon, silicon germanium, III-V in a nanotube architecture with core and shell gate structures is not a child’s play or making gadgets/widgets (as we are dubbed sometimes) – rather a concept built from the scratch with deep scientific foundation and heading towards complex engineering based technology development. We understand not everyone can play in major leagues: MLB, NBA and NFL at a time but that does not mean exception does not exist … J
[No way on earth someone can play in all the premier leagues without playing it hard]