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Welcome 2015!


Please excuse my random thoughts ...

I am an orphan in the scholarly world who does not have any pedigree so whatever I am doing – I apologize (innocent smiley face)
[Since I don’t have any divine support thus my presentations sound like populist’s (“scientifically depthless”) propaganda bragging that he (I) can do (“build – anyone can do that” – really?) anything (“without understanding what he is doing”). In reality, independent creativity is what I pursue and to realize those prohibitively (for an orphan like me) larger than life technology (“see – we told before, he does not understand science”) dreams – I have to make and play with all sorts of component devices known as physical electronics. But I want to make them "live" by constantly integrating them with internet in opportunistic way. More importantly my passion is to engineer (used as verb) fundamental science. I am just in the beginning phase and no way on earth in one’s (and my) life time I can even get closer to a quarter percentile of the vast ocean (in front of me) laid down by so many creative scholars before me …]
Now in a more structured (probably makes sense) official statement about my research philosophy:
My research philosophy is to simplify complex engineering and transform fundamental science into impactful applications which can inspire others and can impact our life in a meaningful way. I believe information is a powerful tool for today and future. Therefore, I always look forward to integrate electronics and web in a complementary way where information becomes means of convenience and sustainability. I am passionate about working with my students to transform them as innovative engineers with deep passion for science.
Welcome 2015 - wishing everyone the very best including our group!