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Eid gift from Ghoneim in APL!

Ghoneim has given us an Eid gift in APL!!
Study of harsh environment operation of flexible ferroelectric memory integrated with PZT and silicon fabric
M. T. Ghoneim and M. M. Hussain
Flexible memory can enable industrial, automobile, space, and smart grid centered harsh/extreme environment focused electronics application(s) for enhanced operation, safety, and monitoring where bent or complex shaped infrastructures are common and state-of-the-art rigid electronics cannot be deployed. Therefore, we report on the physical-mechanical-electrical characteristics of a flexible ferroelectric memory based on lead zirconium titanate (PZT) as a key memory material and flexible version of bulk mono-crystalline silicon (100). The experimented devices show a bending radius down to 1.25 cm corresponding to 0.16% nominal strain (high pressure of ~260 MPa), and full functionality up to 225 °C high temperature in ambient gas composition (21% oxygen and 55% relative humidity). The devices showed unaltered data retention and fatigue properties under harsh conditions, still the reduced memory window (20% difference between switching and non-switching currents at 225°C) requires sensitive sense circuitry for proper functionality and is the limiting factor preventing operation at higher temperatures.
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