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Citizen Science


We live in a connected world. The sheer power of this connectivity needs to be translated through scientific discovery and engineering innovation. Specially engineering innovation which is based upon finding a sustainable solution of an existing issue or inventing a novel gadget or tool which augments the quality of our life is critical. Involving mass is thus extremely important. Think about this, survivability and sustainability of mankind has been possible through in-situ innovation to address a local challenge. We can make this happen again by bringing revolutionary change in electronics. Let’s make it simple, easy, affordable. Simple and easy to understand and to work with. Affordable to make them accessible to nearly all. We should let the mass to realize their dreams, their ideas. Democratization. 

This is part of my vision and dream which defines the scope of my research. My vision and dream is to bring true change in our life in many positive ways and to change the way we think through my research. I consider that is impact.
Producing next generation visionary technology leaders during the process is another tangible goal. Mentoring and fostering next generation technologists who are not only dreamers but also makers of those dreams. Often I say, give me your hearts - believing is the key.
Therefore, to inspire, sometimes my talks might be perceived as too simple to understand complex engineering but that is what I want to do. I would like to see the rise of citizen science. I am passionate about engineering and being a researcher and an educator, I believe it is my core responsibility to inspire commoners around us to believe in themselves that each of them can make a positive difference in the world. What can be more fulfilling to be amazed by the discovery how amazing one is? Thus, when I talk, I talk in simplistic way, I use examples after examples. I sincerely hope those who sometimes get uncomfortable by such “non-elitist” “jargon-free” dialogues, will kindly consider spending sometimes with me so we can dive down into the complexity of what we do. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone, rather I want everyone feel, “Yes, we can too!”
I call it “citizen science”.