Page 12/01/2015 07:48:32

Amir's paper in IEEE Elect. Dev. Lett.!

Our entry to digital circuits with amorphous oxide semiconductor based wavy channel TFTs!
Amorphous Zinc Oxide Integrated Wavy Channel Thin Film Transistor Based High Performance Digital Circuits
Amir N. Hanna, Aftab M. Hussain, Hesham Omran, Sarah Alshareef, Khaled N. Salama, and Muhammad M. Hussain
High performance thin film transistor (TFT) can be a great driving force for display, sensor/actuator, integrated electronics, and distributed computation for Internet of Everything applications. While semiconducting oxides like zinc oxide (ZnO) present promising opportunity in that regard, still wide area of improvement exists to increase the performance further. Here, we show a wavy channel (WC) architecture for ZnO integrated TFT which increases transistor width without chip area penalty, enabling high performance in material agnostic way. We further demonstrate digital logic NAND circuit using the WC architecture and compare it to the conventional planar architecture. The WC architecture circuits have shown 2× higher peak-to-peak output voltage for the same input voltage. They also have 3× lower high-to-low propagation delay times, respectively, when compared to the planar architecture. The performance enhancement is attributed to both extra device width and enhanced field effect mobility due to higher gate field electrostatics control.
More in the pipeline! Congrats the collaborative team (with Sensors Group at KAUST lead by Prof. Khaled Salama) including Sarah who did a summer internship in our lab from King AbdulAziz University!!