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New IEEE TED paper on "Wavy Channel TFT Based Digital Circuits"


Wavy Channel TFT Based Digital Circuits
A. Hanna, A. Hussain, H. Omran, S. Alsharif, K. Salama, and M. M. Hussain

We report a Wavy Channel (WC) architecture thin film transistor (TFT) based digital circuitry using ZnO as a channel material. The novel architecture allows for extending device width by integrating vertical fin-like substrate corrugations giving rise to 50% larger device width, without occupying extra chip area. The enhancement in the output drive current is 100%, when compared to conventional planar architecture for devices occupying the same chip area. The current increase is attributed to both the extra device width and 50% enhancement in field effect mobility due to electrostatic gating effects. Fabricated inverters show that WC inverters can achieve 2× the peak-to-peak output voltage for the same input when compared to planar devices. Also, WC inverters show 30% faster rise and fall times, and can operate up to ~2× frequency of the planar inverters for the same peak-to-peak output voltage. WC NOR circuits have shown 70% higher peak-to-peak output voltage, over their planar counterparts, and WC pass transistor logic multiplexer circuit has shown more than 5× faster high-to-low propagation delay compared to its planar counterpart at a similar peak-to-peak output voltage.