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Paper Skin in International Media - Drawing a lot of global attention!


​We did not expect this much but we are humbled:

Washington Post: Scientists made cutting edge ‘smart skin’ with Post-its, foil and tape, Read more:  
The Daily Mail: The smart 'skin' made from foil and sticky tape: Sensor uses everyday items to detect changes in touch and pressure, Read more:
IEEE Spectrum: Paper skin mimics the real thing, Read more:
Materials View: Sensitive skin – paper-based multifunctional artificial skin, Read more:
Nature Middle East: Kitchen Lab: make your own artificial skin, Read more:
Digital Trends: This artificial skin can sense touch and made with tinfoil and sticky notes, Read more:
In Compliance Magazine: Artificial Skin Made from Household Materials Could Transform Medicine, Robotics, and Education, Read more:
IDTechX: Paper skin sensors for environmental monitoring, Read more:
dna: The new smart “paper skin” can transform robotics, Read more:
Medical Daily: Highly Sensitive Artifical Human Skin Created From Common Household Goods Could Change Robotics And Medicine, Read more:
Business Standard: 'Paper skin' sensing device with simple kitchen materials developed, Read more:
Tech Times: Artificial Skin Made From Recyclable Materials May Transform Medicine And Robotics, Read more:
The TeCake: Artificial skin Made having same sensory functions as human skin, Read more:
Healio: ‘Smart,’ recyclable artificial skin developed, Read more: