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Rabab's paper in IEEE 43rd PVSC 2016!

​Rabab's paper "Current Enhancement in Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic by Low-Cost Nickel Silicide Back Contact" has been accepted to IEEE 43rd Photovoltaic Specialists' Conference (IEEE PVSC 2016). In this work, we reported short circuit current (JSC) enhancement in crystalline silicon (C-Si) photovoltaic (PV) using low-cost Ohmic contact engineering by integration of Nickel mono-silicide (NiSi) for back contact metallization as an alternative to the status quo of using expensive screen printed silver (Ag). We show 2.6 mA/cm2 enhancement in the short circuit current (JSC) and 1.2 % increment in the efficiency by improving the current collection due to the low specific contact resistance of the NiSi on the heavily Boron (B) doped Silicon (Si) interface. Kudos to all co-authors: A. Gumus, A. T. Kutbee, N. Wehbe, S. M. Ahmed, M. T. Ghoneim,  K.–T. Lee, J. A. Rogers, M. M. Hussain.