Page 04/12/2016 10:44:33

Joanna's proximity sensor paper in DRC 2016


Once again we will present our work in DRC! Affordable Dual-Sensing Paper Proximity Sensor for Touchless Interactive Systems by Joanna M. Nassar, Marlon C. Diaz and Muhammad M. Hussain. In this paper, Joanna reports an ultra-low cost flexible proximity sensor using only off-the-shelf materials such aluminum foil, napkin and double-sided tape. Unlike previous reports, our device structure exhibits two sensing capabilities in one platform, with outstanding long detection range of 20 cm and pressure sensitivity of 0.05 kPa-1. This is the first ever demonstration of a low-cost, accessible, and batch manufacturing process for pressure and proximity sensing on a singular platform. The mechanical flexibility of the sensor makes it possible to mount on various irregular platforms, which is vital in many areas, such as robotics, machine automation, vehicular technology and inspection tools.


Congrats Iron Woman Joanna!!!