Page 04/18/2016 00:00:30

Joanna's invited review paper in EML is our 100th journal paper!

Joanna lead all the way to Extreme Mechanics Letters for her seminal invited review paper (co-authored by Jhonathan and Aftab), “From Stretchable to Reconfigurable Inorganic Electronics”!
Reviewers wrote, “This paper is a very detailed review. The challenges and questions of electronics are written clearly in each part. Typical materials and process methods of stretchable electronics are almost included. Design strategies for stretchability and structure reconfiguration are concluded in a new view. The outlook and conclusion parts is interesting. Overall this paper is worth reading in journal.” And “This manuscript reviews the recent advances in organics materials, stretchable conductive composites and design strategies for stretchable electronics, provides outlook in this exciting field, and discusses future technical challenges and opportunities. Overall, this manuscript provides good depth in terms of technical content, and it is well written.”
Congrats, Joanna et al. for scoring our 100th journal paper!!!