Page 07/12/2016 20:09:25

Eid Gift: Aftab's paper in Small!

‚ÄčCongrats to Aftab on his "I don't every remember whatever number" his paper on "Deterministic Integration of Out-of-Plane Sensor Arrays for Flexible Electronic Applications" to be accepted in Small!

With a 2014 ISI Impact Factor of 8.368, Small continues to be among the top multidisciplinary journals covering a broad spectrum of topics at the nano- and microscale at the interface of materials science, chemistry, physics, engineering, medicine, and biology.

In this paper, we show a highly manufacturable integration strategy to build flexible 3D IC for area efficient freeform electronics specially in the area of implantable electronics where limited space is available for electronics. Think about intracranial space where only 64 cm2 area is available and we need to place as many as possible sensors. Then where can we have the associated electronic circuitry? Thus, the reported integration strategy can provide a unique and presumably only pragmatic scheme for such small geometry electronics and systems.

Thanks to Aftab for his Eid gift to us!