Page 12/16/2016 06:31:14

World's First Paper Watch To Monitor Body Vitals by Joanna et al.!

"This is presumably the first demonstration of a fully autonomous, low-cost and recyclable health monitoring system based on household substrates." Writes the reviewer for Joanna’s work on “Recyclable Non-functionalized Paper Based Ultra-Low Cost Wearable Health Monitoring System” to be published as an URGENT paper in Adv. Mater. Tech.!

In recent years, innovation in wearable health monitors has surged from significant advances in flexible sensory arrays, wireless technologies, and scaled low-power electronics. Such biometric monitoring devices are critical for continuous monitoring of body vitals and health conditions as means of care for advanced personalized healthcare. Still, widespread deployment of such devices are far more remote due to affordability (viz. complex materials and processes induced higher price), low sensitivity, selectivity, recovery and disposability. Therefore, in addition to functionality, accuracy, comfort and convenience, affordability and accessibility are critical need for the wide adaptation of its benefits. Here we show an integration strategy to rationally design an ultra-low cost health monitoring device, a “Paper Watch”, using recyclable household materials: non-functionalized papers. Its unusual simplicity in manufacturing and in daily use, gives it unprecedented edge compared to any previous demonstrations. We integrate pressure, temperature and humidity sensors with flexible silicon ICs on one singular platform, with demonstrated reliability under physical deformation, which for the first time can sense the body vitals of the carrier (body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and skin hydration) simultaneously and in real-time. Our goal is to show that limitless possibilities exist to innovate and to advance low-cost healthcare technology for multitude of applications. 

Congrats to Joanna M. Nassar, Kush Mishra, Kirklann Lau and Andres A. Aguirre-Pablo!