Page 01/02/2017 21:38:55

#HNY with the JSST Invited Review paper by MMH Labs Alumni Network led by JPR!

​We have learnt very good news about 5 of our papers to be accepted soon including 1 just accepted to ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology! This invited review paper comprehensively captures every single of our thermoelectric papers and ideas!

Kudos to our alumni network led by Prof. Jhonathan Rojas!


Micro and Nano-Engineering Enabled New Generation of Thermoelectric Generator Devices and Applications


Jhonathan P. Rojas, Devendra Singh, Salman B. Inayat, Galo A. Torres Sevilla, Hossain M. Fahad, Muhammad M. Hussain


​What a way to start the Gregorian year with!​