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Highly Manufacturable Deep (Sub-millimeter) Etching Enabled High Aspect Ratio Complex Geometry Lego Like Silicon Electronics


Mohamed Tarek Ghoneim, and Muhammad Mustafa Hussain


We have demonstrated a novel deep reactive ion etching based highly manufacturable generic process using a hybrid soft/hard mask layer to etch up to 500 m with an aspect ratio over 100. This process allows easy and clean removal of metallic hard masks, preserves the high quality interface of underlying substrate, and endures during long duration etches. This technique enables “Lego” like integrated circuit (IC) chip placement on soft substrates for free-form (physically flexible, stretchable and reconfigurable) electronics. For example, we demonstrate functional heating elements and interesting complex geometric features of silicon. Moving forward, this work offers an effective highly manufacturable and economical alternate for sub-millimeter deep etching and formation of high aspect ratio features.