Page 01/25/2017 18:59:46

Amani's transient electronics paper in APL!

​Amani – many congratulations! A project you have handled with grit. Our first paper on transient electronics. In addition to simple water based dissolution, for the first time we have shown recyclability of the expensive substrates using environmentally benign manufacturing. Thanks to all the collaborators from the Core Labs too.


Water Soluble Nano-scale Transient Material Germanium Oxide For Zero Toxic Waste Based Environmentally Benign Nano-Manufacturing

A. S. Almuslem, A. N. Hanna, T. Yapici, N. Wehbe, E. M. Diallo, A. T. Kutbee, R. R. Bahabry, M. M. Hussain


In the recent past, with the advent of transient electronics for mostly implantable and secured electronic applications, the whole field effect transistor structure has been dissolved in variety of chemicals. Here we show, simple water soluble nano-scale (sub-10 nm) germanium oxide (GeO2) as the dissolvable component to remove the functional structures of metal oxide semiconductor devices and then reuse the expensive germanium substrate again for functional device fabrication. This way, in addition to transiency, we also show an environmentally friendly manufacturing process for CMOS technology. Every year trillions of complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) electronics are manufactured and billions are disposed, which extend harmful impact to our environment. Therefore, this is a key study to show a pragmatic approach for water soluble high performance electronics for environmentally friendly manufacturing, as well as, bioresorbable electronic applications.​