Page 08/19/2017 11:11:36

Woojin's paper in pss-A!

​Many of our “enemies” thought we are out of the game. We have a news: we are back in the game and soon enough we will be back with more news about publications.


Dr. Woojin Park et al. have authored, “Stable MoS2 FETs using TiO2 Interfacial Layer at Metal/MoS2 Contact” where we have suggested an approach to achieve more stable performance of MoS2 FETs by inserting an atomic layer deposition (ALD) based titanium dioxide (TiO2) interfacial layer. Reduced threshold voltage (VTH) shift was observed after 10000s of +10 V gate bias stress.


This is Woonjin’s first paper with us before a blockbuster one he is currently working on J​