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Important first step by Nadeem in APL!

​Nadeem has got the fastest paper in the group after one’s arrival! This is a fantastic story where we have introduce for the first time ever the concept of unit cell to design stretchable electronics. Very promising morning in the group – congrats Nadeem et al.!


Mechanical Response of Spiral Interconnect Arrays for Highly Stretchable Electronics

N. Qaiser1, S. M. Khan1, M. Nour1, M. U. Rehman2, J. P. Rojas2, M. M. Hussain1,*


1 Integrated Nanotechnology Lab and Integrated Disruptive Electronic Applications (IDEA) Lab, Electrical Engineering, Computer Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal 23955, Saudi Arabia

2 Electrical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia

*E-mail: and Phone: +966-2-808-4450



Spiral interconnect array is a commonly used architecture for stretchable electronics, which accommodates large deformations during stretching. Here we show the effect of different geometrical morphologies on the deformation behavior of spiral island network. We use numerical modeling to calculate the stresses and strains in the spiral interconnects under the prescribed displacement of 1000 µm. Our result show that spiral arm elongation depends on the angular position of that particular spiral in the array. We also introduce the concept of unit cell, which fairly replicates the deformation mechanism for full complex hexagon, diamond, square shaped arrays. The spiral interconnects which are axially connected between displaced and fixed islands attain higher stretchability and thus experience the maximum deformations. We perform tensile testing of 3D printed replica and find experimental observations corroborate with theoretical study.​