Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers




*Since I joined KAUST I published 96 papers in peer-reviewed journal articles of which 85 (Publications: 1–10,  13–28, 30–75, 77–81, 84–91) were the outcome of work generated by students and post-docs I supervised.  Students first authored 76 papers (including 23 cover articles).




Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (*corresponding author; student or post-doc advisees are underlined)




Publications at KAUST


2017 (7)


1)     A. C. Cavazos Sepulveda, M.S. Diaz Cordero, A. A. A. Carreño, J. M. Nassar, M. M. Hussain*, “Ultra-Stretchable and Foldable Silicon Based Electronics”, Appl. Phys. Lett. [Just Accepted]


2)     A. T. Kutbee, R. R. Bahabry, K. O. Alamoudi, M. T. Ghoneim, M. D. Cordero, A. S. Almuslem, A. Gumus, E. M. Diallo, J. M. Nassar, A. M. Hussain, N. M. Khachab, M. M. Hussain*, “Smart Personalized Dental Brace With Laser Based Bone Regenration And Enhanced Enamel Healthcare”, npj Flex. Elect. [Just Accepted]


3)     A. Gumus, A. Alam, A. Hussain, K. Mishra, I. Wicaksono, G. Torres Sevilla, S. F. Shaikh, M. Diaz,  S. Velling, M. T. Ghoneim, S. M. Ahmed, M. M. Hussain*, “Expendable Polymer Enabled Wirelessly Destructible High Performance Solid State Electronics”, Adv. Mater. Tech.




Fox News Tech Talk:


IEEE Spectrum: “Self-Destructing Gadgets Made Not So Mission Impossible”, Read more:


Fox News: “Self-destructing phones are finally a reality”, Read more:


Yahoo Tech: “Mission possible: Self-destructing phones are now a reality”, Read more:


The Sunday Times: “Self-destroying phone will suit James Bond and Joe Public”, Read more:


The Autralian: Read more: “Self-destroying phone will suit James Bond and Joe Public”,


Daily Mail (UK): “Move over James Bond: Scientists create a self-destructing material that can obliterate a phone in 10 SECONDS”, Read more:


Time and Space (Japan):


CSO (Australia): “A new gadget can give phones a self-destruct option”, Read more:


Latinos Health: “Self-Destructing Phone: One Of The Rare Inventions Of The Modern Era!”, Read more:


Deccan Chronicle (India): “Self-destructing phones soon to be reality”, Read more:


Digital Trend: “Forget wiping your phone remotely, this tech lets you destroy its innards instead”, Read more:


BGR: “Self-destructing phones are finally a reality”, Read more:


Hardcop: “Self-destructing phone – now a reality”, Read more:


AajTak (India):


) A. S. Almuslem, A. N. Hanna, T. Yapici, N. Wehbe, E. M. Diallo, A. T. Kutbee, R. R. Bahabry, M. M. Hussain*, “Water Soluble Nano-scale Transient Material Germanium Oxide For Zero Toxic Waste Based Environmentally Benign Nano-Manufacturing”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 110, 074103 (2017)


5)     J. M. Nassar, M. M. Hussain*, “Impact of Physical Deformation on Electrical Performance of Paper-based Sensors”, IEEE Trans. Elect. Dev. PP(99), 1–8 (2017)


6)     M. Ghoneim, M. M. Hussain*, “Highly Manufacturable Deep (Sub-millimeter) Etching Enabled High Aspect Ratio Complex Geometry Lego Like Silicon Electronics”, Small DOI: 10.1002/smll.201601801 [Frontispiece]




Nature Middle East: “Lego-like electronics”, Read more:


Nanowerk: “Lego like silicon electronics fabricated with hybrid etching masks”, Read more:


7)     J. P. Rojas, D. Singh, S. B. Inayat, G. A. Torres Sevilla, H. M. Fahad, M. M. Hussain*, “Micro and Nano-Engineering Enabled New Generation of Thermoelectric Generator Devices and Applications”, ECS J. Solid State Sci. Technol. 6(3), N3036-N3044, 2017 [Invited Review]




2016 (17)


8)     S. F. Shaikh, M. T. Ghoneim, G. A. Torres Sevilla, J. M. Nassar, A. M. Hussain, M. M. Hussain*, “Integration Strategy For Flexible Electronic Systems For Internet of Everything Applications”, IEEE Trans. Elect. Dev. Invited in Special Issue on Flexible Electronics [Just Accepted]


9)     J. M. Nassar, K. Mishra, K. Lau, A. A. Aguirre-Pablo, M. M. Hussain*, “Recyclable Non-functionalized Paper Based Ultra-Low Cost Wearable Health Monitoring System”, Adv. Mater. Tech. [Back Cover Page]  




Chemical & Engineering News, “Tracking health with paper electronics”, Read more:


IEEE Spectrum: “'Paper Watch' Aims to Democratize Fitness Trackers”, Read more:


Wearables: “This Paper Watch could be an affordable fitness tracker alternative”, Read more:


Geeky Gadgets: “Paper Watch Is A 3D Printed Affordable Smartwatch”, Read more:


Nanowerk: “Wearable health monitor based on household paper”, Read more:


3ders: “'Paper Watch' combines 3D printing and household materials in cheap alternative to Apple Watch”, Read more:


10) J. P. Rojas, D. Conchouso, A. Arevalo, D. Singh, I. G. Foulds, M. M. Hussain*, “Paper-Based Origami Flexible and Foldable Thermoelectric Nanogenerator”, Nano Energy 31, 296–301 (2017)




Nanowerk: “Flexible thermoelectric nanogenerator on paper”, Read more:


11) Y. Yao, K.-T. Lee, X. Sheng, N. A. Batara, N. Hong, J. He, L. Xu, M. M. Hussain, H. A. Atwater, N. S. Lewis, R. G. Nuzzo, J. A. Rogers, “Porous Nanomaterials for Ultrabroadband Omnidirectional Anti-Reflection Surfaces with Applications in High Concentration Photovoltaics” Adv. Energy. Mater. DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201601992


12) K.-T. Lee, Y. Yao, J. He, B. Fisher, X. Sheng, M. Lumb, L. Xu, M. A. Anderson, S. Han, Y. Kang, A. Gumus, R. R. Bahabry, J. W. Lee, U. Paik, N. D. Bronstein, A. P. Alivisatos, M. Meitl, S. Burroughs, M. M. Hussain, J. C. Lee, R. G. Nuzzo, J. A. Rogers, “Concentrator Photovoltaic Module Architectures With Capabilities for Capture and Conversion of Full Global Solar Radiation”, Proc. Natl. Aca. Sci. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1617391113


13) J. P. Rojas, D. Singh, D. Conchouso, A. Arevalo, I. G. Foulds, M. M. Hussain*, “Stretchable Helical Architecture Inorganic-Organic Hetero Thermoelectric Generator”, Nano Energy, 30, 691–699 (2016)




Nanowerk: “A fully stretchable energy harvester for thermal waste”, Read more:


14) G. A. Torres Sevilla, M. M. Hussain*, “Printed Organic And Inorganic Electronics: Devices To Systems”, IEEE J. Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems 99, 1–14 [Invited]


15) G. A. Torres Sevilla, M. D. Cordero, J. M. Nassar, A. N. Hanna, A. T. Kutbee, A. Arevalo, M. M. Hussain*, “Decal Electronics: Printable Packaged With 3D Printing High-Performance Flexible CMOS Electronic Systems”, Adv. Mater. Tech. DOI: 10.1002/admt.201600175 [Inside Front Cover]




Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN): “Sticking it to the internet of things”, Read more:


Nature Middle East: “Stick-on transistors and sensors”, Read more:


Daily Mail (UK): “The smart tattoos that work as a sensor on any surface: E-stickers monitor everything from breathing to tyre pressure”, Read more:  


Advanced Science News: “Decal electronics: printable packaging”, Read more:


Futurism: “This New Wearable Health Monitor Can Stick to Almost Anything”, Read more:


Nanowerk: “3D-printed decal electronics for the Internet-of-Everything”, Read more:


New Electronics: “Process to print flexible e-stickers”, Read more: 


3D print: “KAUST Research Team 3D Prints Small Silicon-Based Computers to Use as Non-Invasive Health Monitor E-Stickers”, Read more:


Controlled Enviroment: “Flexible Electronics Take On Different Shapes”, Read more:


16) A. M. Hussain, M. M. Hussain*, “Deterministic Integration of Out-of-Plane Sensor Arrays for Flexible Electronic Applications”, Small 12(37), 5141–5145 (2016) [Frontispiece]




Nanowerk: A nanotechnologist’s take on “two sides of the same coin”, Read more:


Nature Middle East: “Flexible sensors for skin, brain”, Read more:


17) A. M. Hussain, S. F. Shaikh, M. M. Hussain*, “Design criteria for XeF2 enabled deterministic transformation of bulk silicon (100) into flexible silicon layer”, AIP Adv. 6, 075010 (2016)


18) M. T. Ghoneim, N. Alfaraj, G. A. Torres Sevilla, H. M. Fahad, M. M. Hussain*, “Out-of-Plane Strain Effects on Physically Flexible FinFET CMOS”, IEEE Trans. Elect. Dev. 63(7), 2657–2664 (2016).


19) J. M. Nassar, J. P. Rojas, A. M. Hussain, M. M. Hussain*, “From Stretchable to Reconfigurable Inorganic Electronics”, Extr. Mech. Lett. doi:10.1016/j.eml.2016.04.011. [Invited Review]


20) A. T. Kutbee, M. T. Ghoneim, S. M. Ahmad, M. M. Hussain*, “Free-form Flexible Lithium-Ion Microbattery”, IEEE Trans. Nanotechnol. 15(3), 402–408 (2016).


21) A. N. Hanna, A. M. Hussain, H. Omran, S. Alshareef, K. N. Salama, M. M. Hussain*, “Wavy Channel TFT Based Digital Circuits”, IEEE Trans. Elect. Dev. 63(4), 1550 (2016).


22) G. A. Torres Sevilla, A. S. Almuslem, A. Gumus, A. M. Hussain, M. E. Cruz, M. M. Hussain*, “High performance high-κ/metal gate CMOS circuit element on flexible silicon”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 094102 (2016).


23) J. M. Nassar, M. D. Cordero, A. T. Kutbee, M. A. Karimi, G. A. Torres Sevilla, A. M. Hussain, A. Shamim, M. M. Hussain*, “Paper Skin Multi-Sensory Platform for Simultaneous Environmental Monitoring”, Adv. Mater. Tech. (Wiley) doi: 10.1002/admt.201600004 (2016). [Cover Page]




Washington Post: Scientists made cutting edge ‘smart skin’ with Post-its, foil and tape, Read more:  


The Daily Mail: The smart 'skin' made from foil and sticky tape: Sensor uses everyday items to detect changes in touch and pressure, Read more: 


IEEE Spectrum: Paper skin mimics the real thing, Read more: 


Materials View: Sensitive skin – paper-based multifunctional artificial skin, Read more: 


Nature Middle East: Kitchen Lab: make your own artificial skin, Read more: 


Digital Trends: This artificial skin can sense touch and made with tinfoil and sticky notes, Read more: 


In Compliance Magazine: Artificial Skin Made from Household Materials Could Transform Medicine, Robotics, and Education, Read more:


IDTechX: Paper skin sensors for environmental monitoring, Read more:


dna: The new smart “paper skin” can transform robotics, Read more: 


Medical Daily: Highly Sensitive Artificial Human Skin Created From Common Household Goods Could Change Robotics And Medicine, Read more: 


Business Standard: 'Paper skin' sensing device with simple kitchen materials developed, Read more: 


Tech Times: Artificial Skin Made From Recyclable Materials May Transform Medicine And Robotics, Read more: 


The TeCake: Artificial skin Made having same sensory functions as human skin, Read more: 


Times of India: New smart skin may transform medicine, robotics, Read more: 


Healio: ‘Smart,’ recyclable artificial skin developed, Read more:


24) A. N. Hanna, A. M. Hussain, Hesham Omran, Sarah Alshareef, Khaled N. Salama, M. M. Hussain*, “Amorphous Zinc Oxide Integrated Wavy Channel Thin Film Transistor Based High Performance Digital Circuits”, IEEE Elect. Dev. Lett. 37(2), 193-196 (2016).




2015 (16)


25) M. T. Ghoneim, H. M. Fahad, A. M. Hussain, J. P. Rojas, G. A.Torres Sevilla, N. Alfaraj, E. B. Lizardo, M. M. Hussain*, “Enhanced cooling in mono-crystalline ultra-thin silicon by embedded micro-air channels”, AIP Adv. 5, 127115 (2015).


26) A. M. Mayet, A. M. Hussain, M. M. Hussain*, “3-Terminal Nanoelectromechanical Switch Based On Tungsten Nitride – An Amorphous Metallic Material”, Nanotechnology 27, 035202 (2016).




Lab Talk in nanotechweb: “Sub-1 volt three terminal nanoelectromechanical switch”, Read more:


Nanotechnology spotlight in nanowerk: “Record-breaking performance by three-terminal nanoelectromechanical switch with amorphous metal”, Read more:



27) A. M. Hussain, M. M. Hussain*, “CMOS Technology Enabled Flexible and Stretchable Electronics for Internet of Everything Applications”, Adv. Mater. DOI: 10.1002/adma.201504236 (2015). [Invited Review Paper for Special Issue]


28) N. Alfaraj, A. M. Hussain, G. A. Torres Sevilla, M. T. Ghoneim, J. P. Rojas, A. B. Aljedaani, M. M. Hussain*, Functional integrity of flexible n-channel metaloxidesemiconductor field-effect transistors on a reversibly bistable platform, Appl. Phys. Lett. 107, 174101 (2015).


[Cover Page and Feature Article] [Top Paper 2015 – Editor’s Pick



[Nanotechnology Spotlight in nanowerk: “Reversibly bistable materials could revolutionize flexible electronics”, Read more:


Research highlight in Nature Middle East: “Stretchable, rollable transistors for health-monitoring bracelets”, Read more:]  


29) A. M. Hussain, F. A. Ghaffar, S. I. Park, J. A. Rogers, A. Shamim, M. M. Hussain*, “Metal/Polymer Based Stretchable Antenna for Constant Frequency Far-Field Communication in Wearable Electronics”, Adv. Funct. Mater. 25(42), 6565–6575 (2015). [Cover Article]


[Tech Talk in IEEE Spectrum: “Stretchable Antenna Boosts Range for Wearable Devices”, Read more: 


Research Highlight in Nature Middle East: “Antenna for wireless communications now stretchable”, Read more: 


Nanotechnology Spotlights in nanowerk: “A stretchable far-field communication antenna far wearable electronics”, Read more:] 


30) B.-J. Huang*, P.-C. Hsu, R.-J. Tsai, M. M. Hussain, “A thermoelectric generator using loop heat pipe and design match for maximum-power generation”, Appl. Therm. Engr. 91, 1082–1091 (2015).


31) A. M. Hussain, N. Wehbe, M. M. Hussain*, “SiSn Diodes: Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Verification”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 107, 082111 (2015).


32) J. P. Rojas, M. M. Hussain*, “The Role of Microfabrication and Nanotechnology in the Development of Microbial Fuel Cells”, Energy Tech. 2(10), 996–1010 (2015). [Cover Article and Invited Review Paper]


33) M. T. Ghoneim, M. M. Hussain*, “Study of harsh environment operation of flexible ferroelectric memory integrated with PZT and silicon fabric”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 107, 052904 (2015).


34) M. T. Ghoneim, M. M. Hussain*, “Review on Physically Flexible Nonvolatile Memory for Internet of Everything Electronics”, Electronics, 4(3), 424-479 (2015) [Invited Review Paper].


35) J. P. Rojas, G. A. Torres Sevilla, N. Alfaraj, M. T. Ghoneim, A. T. Kutbee, A. Sridharan, M. M. Hussain*, “Non-Planar Nano-Scale Fin Field Effect Transistors on Textile, Paper, Wood, Stone, and Vinyl via Soft Material-Enabled Double-Transfer Printing”, ACS Nano, 9(5), 5255–5263 (2015).


[Research Highlight in Nature Middle East: “Wearable, implantable sensors possible with flexible transistors”, Read more:


Nanotechnology Spotlight in nanowerk: “Nanoelectronics on textile, paper, wood and stone”, Read more:]  


36) A. N. Hanna, A. M. Hussain, M. T. Ghoneim, J. P. Rojas, G. A. Torres Sevilla, M. M. Hussain*, “Wavy Channel TFT Architecture for High Performance Oxide Based Displays”, ECS Trans. 67, 191-198 (2015). [Invited Paper]


37) A. N. Hanna, H. M. Fahad, M. M. Hussain*, “InAs/Si Hetero-Junction Nanotube Tunnel Transistors”, (Nature) Sci. Rep. 5, 9843, doi:10.1038/srep09843 (2015).


[Technology Update in nanotechweb: “Nanotube TFETs in new tunneling current record”, Read more:] 


38) M. T. Ghoneim, M. A. Zidan, M. Y. Alnassar, A. N. Hanna, J. Kosel, K. N. Salama, M. M. Hussain*, “Thin PZT Based Ferroelectric Capacitors on Flexible Silicon for Non-Volatile Memory Applications”, Adv. Electron. Mater. 1(6) doi: 10.1002/aelm.201500045 (2015). [Cover Page]


[Nanotechnology Spotlight in nanowerk: “Flexible FeRAM fabricated with CMOS-compatible approach”, Read more:


Technology update in nanotechweb: “Ferroelectric capacitor goes flexible”, Read more:]   


39) A. M. Hussain, E. B. Lizardo, G. A. Torres Sevilla, J. M. Nassar, M. M. Hussain*, “Ultra-Stretchable and Flexible Copper Interconnect Based Smart Patch for Adaptive Thermotherapy”, Adv. Healthcare Mater. 4, 665–673 (2015). [Frontispiece] [Top 5% most influential paper among 2.7M papers]


[Tech Talk in IEEE Spectrum: “Skin Patches Enable Smartphone-Controlled Pain Relief”, Read more:]   


Highlighted in nanowerk as Spotlight: “Thermotherapy for pain management with a smart thermal patch”, Read more:


Highlighted in nanotechweb as Technology Update: “Stretchy copper patch provides pain relief”, Read more:]   


40) A. N. Hanna, M. M. Hussain*, “Si/Ge Hetero-structure Nanotube Tunnel Field Effect Transistor”, J. Appl. Phys. 117, 014310 (2015).




2014 (18)


41) A. M. Hussain, N. Singh, H. Fahad, K. Rader, U. Schwingenschlögl, M. M. Hussain*, “Exploring SiSn As A Performance Enhancing Semiconductor: A Theoretical and Experimental Approach”, J. Appl. Phys. 116, 224506 (2014).


42) H. M. Fahad, C. Hu, M. M. Hussain*, “Simulation Study of a 3D Device Integrating FinFET and UTBFET”, IEEE Trans. Elect. Dev. 62(1), 83-87 (2015).


43) A. Diab, G. Torres Sevilla, S. Cristoloveanu, M. M. Hussain*, “Room to High Temperature Measurements of Flexible SOI FinFETs with Sub-20 nm Fins”, IEEE Trans. Elect. Dev. 61(12), 3978-3984 (2014).


44) M. T. Ghoneim, J. P. Rojas, C. D. Young, G. Bersuker, M. M. Hussain*, “Electrical analysis of high-κ/metal gate metal oxide semiconductor capacitors on flexible bulk mono-crystalline silicon (100)”, IEEE Trans. Reliab. 64(2), 579-585 (2015).


45) J. P. Rojas, A. Carreno, I. G. Foulds, M. M. Hussain*, “Design and Characterization of Ultra-Stretchable Monolithic Silicon Fabric”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 154101 (2014).


[Highlighted in nanowerk as Spotlight: Ultra-stretchable silicon for flexible electronics, Read more:


Highlighted in nanotechweb as Technology Update: “Silicon gets stretched”, Read more:]   


46) A. Diab, G. A. Torres Sevilla, M. T. Ghoneim, M. M. Hussain*, “High Temperature Study of Flexible Silicon-On-Insulator Fin Field-Effect Transistors”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 133509 (2014).


[Highlighted in nanotechweb as Technology Update: Flexible FinFETs work at high temperatures, Read more:]  


47) G. A. Torres Sevilla, M. T. Ghoneim, H. Fahad, J. P. Rojas, A. M. Hussain, M. M. Hussain*, “Flexible Nano-Scale High-Performance FinFETs”, ACS Nano 8(10), pp 9850–9856 (2014).


[Highlighted in nanotechweb as Technology Update: FinFETs go flexible, Read more:


Highlighted in nanowerk as Spotlight: Flexible high-performance FinFETs with a bending radius of 0.5 mm, Read more: Flexible high-performance FinFETs with a bending radius of 0.5 mm


Highlighted in MIT Tech Review Pan Arab: The Road to Flexible Electronics, Read more:]  


48) A. N. Hanna, M. T. Ghoneim, R. R. Bahabry, A. M. Hussain, H. M. Fahad, M. M. Hussain*, “Area and Energy Efficient High Performance ZnO Wavy Channel Thin Film Transistor”, IEEE Trans. Elect. Dev. 61(9), 3223–3228 (2014).


49) J. P. Rojas, W. Alqarni, M. M. Hussain*, “Power Degradation In Series Connected Multiple Single Feeding 40 µL Microbial Fuel Cells”, Energy Tech. 2(8), 673–676 (2014). [Cover page]


50) M. T. Ghoneim, M. A. Zidan, K. N. Salama, M. M. Hussain*, “Towards Neuromorphic Electronics: Memristors on Foldable Silicon Fabric”, Microelectronics Engr. 45(11), 1392–1395 (2



51) J. M. Nassar, A. M. Hussain, J. P. Rojas, M. M. Hussain*, “Low-Cost High Quality Crystalline Germanium Based Flexible Devices”, Phys. Status Solidi (RRL) 8(9), 794–800 (2014).


52) R. M. Qaisi, C. E. Smith, M. M. Hussain*, “Atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) grown bi-layer graphene transistor characteristics at high temperature”, Phys. Status Solidi RRL, 8(7), 621–624 (2014). [Cover page]


53) A. M. Hussain, H. M. Fahad, N. Singh, G. A. Torres Sevilla, U. Schwingenschlögl, M. M. Hussain*, “Tin – An unlikely ally for silicon field effect transistors?”, Phys. Status Solidi RRL 8(4), 332–335 (2014). [Cover page]


54) M. T. Ghoneim, A. Kutbee, F. Ghodsi Nasseri, G. Bersuker, M. M. Hussain*, “Mechanical Anomaly Impact on Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Capacitors on Flexible Silicon Fabric”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 104, 234104 (2014).


55) G. A. Torres Sevilla, C. E. Smith, J. P. Rojas, H. M. Fahad, M. M. Hussain*, “Flexible and Transparent Silicon Based Sub-100 nm Non-planar 3D FinFET CMOS for Brain-inspired Computation” Adv. Mater. 26, 2794–2799 (2014). [Cover page] [Ranked among top 5% articles published in Adv. Mater.]


[Highlighted in Nanowerk as Spotlight: Flexible silicon-on-polymer sub-20 nm FinFETs without performance loss, Read more:


Highlighted in Materials 360 Online, Materials Research Society (MRS): Flexible Electronics without the Compromise, Read more:;jsessionid=EA72832DF939FA057303F02180893A6B  


Highlighted in nanotechweb: Brain structure inspires FinFET, Read more:


Featured as Industry Buzz in Advanced Substrate News: Industry’s first flexible FinFET uses SOI wafers]   


56) J. P. Rojas, G. A. Torres Sevilla, S. B. Inayat, A. M. Hussain, M. T. Ghoneim, S. Ahmed, M. M. Hussain*, “Transformational Silicon Electronics” ACS Nano, 8(2), 1468–1474 (2014).


[Highlighted in Nanowerk as Spotlight: Flexible and semitransparent silicon electronics, Read more:


Technology update in Nanotechweb: Waste not want not: recycling silicon electronics, Read more:  


Latest News in C&EN: Hard Silicon Wafers Yield Flexible Electronics, Read more:]  


57) J. E. Mink, R. Qaisi, B. E. Logan, M. M. Hussain*, “Energy Harvesting from Saliva in Micro-Sized Microbial Fuel Cells” NPG (Nature) Asia Mater. 6, e89 (2014). doi:10.1038/am.2014.1


[Selected by Scientific American as One of the Top 10 World Changing Ideas 2014, “Spit Fired Fuel Cells”, Read more:]


Highlighted in IEEE Spectrum as Tech Talk, “Tiny Microbial Fuel Cell Runs On Spit”, Read more:   


Highlighted in Wall Street Journal as R&D Feature, “Save Your Spit for Fuel”, Read more:  


Highlighted in Physics World as “Saliva-powered microbial fuel cell built”, Read more:  


Highlighted in Nanowerk as Spotlight, “Spit on it - Micro fuel cell powered by saliva”, Read more:


Highlighted in Nanotechweb as “Saliva powers a MFC”, Read more:


Feature Article in Co.Exist as “Could Saliva Be The Next Great Renewable Resource?” , Read more:  


Feature Article in Vocativ as “Saliva as Fuel? It’s Not Just Science Fiction”  


Highlighted in Real Clear Science as “Saliva-Powered Microbial Fuel Cell”  


Highlighted in Real Clear Energy as “Tiny Microbial Fuel Cell That Runs On Spit”, Read more:


News in The Register as “Electronic kit low on juice? SPIT ON IT”, Read more:


Highlighted in Science Daily as Featured Research,


Highlighted in Medical Web Times, Red more:


Highlighted in Technoban, Read more:



lighted in Penn State News as “Tine Power Generators Run on Spit”, Read more:    


Highlighted in,


Highlighted in Russian Econet, Read more:


Highlighted in Scienceblog, Read more:



News in Times of India as “This tiny power generator runs on human saliva”, Read more:


News in India Today as “Tiny power generator runs on human saliva”  


News in Khaleej Times as “Human saliva to run tiny power generators!”


Highlighted in Financial Express as “Tiny power generator runs on human saliva”       


Highlighted in Energy Harvesting Journal as “Tiny power generator runs on spit”, Read more at:]  


Highlighted in ZEE News as “Human saliva to run tiny power generators!”, Read more:  


Highlighted in Geek as “Microbial fuel cell powers implants with spit”  


Highlighted in Wired as “This tiny generator is powered by spit”, Read more:]  


58) S. B. Inayat, K. R. Rader, M. M. Hussain*, “Nano-manufacturing of Thermoelectric Nanomaterials (Bi0.4Sb1.6Te3/ Bi1.75Te3.25) and Their Integration into Window Glasses for Thermoelectricity Generation”, Energy Tech. 2(3), 292–299 (2014). [Cover page]




2013 (21)


59) J. P. Rojas, M. M. Hussain*, “Flexible Semi-transparent Silicon (100) Fabric with High-k/Metal Gate Devices”, Phys. Status Solidi (RRL) 7(3), 1–5 (2013). [Cover Page]


[Highlighted in Nanowerk as spotlight: High-performance computing on flexible and transparent monocrystalline silicon, Read more:] 


60) J. P. Rojas, G. Torres Sevilla, M. M. Hussain*, “Structural and Electrical Characteristics of High-k/Metal Gate MOSCAPs Fabricated on Flexible, Semi-transparent Silicon (100) Fabric”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 064102 (2013).


61) G. A. Torres Sevilla, S. B. Inayat, J P. Rojas, A. M. Hussain, M. M. Hussain*, “Flexible and Semi-transparent Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters from Low Cost Bulk Silicon (100)”, Small 9(23), 3916–3921 (2013). [Frontispiece] [Ranked among top 2% articles published in Small]


[Highlighted in Nanowerk as spotlight: Flexible thermoelectric generator from bulk silicon, Read more:,  


Nanotechweb: Flexible TEG breaks new power record, Red More:]  


62) J. P. Rojas, M. T. Ghoneim, C. Young, M. M. Hussain*, “Flexible and Semi-transparent High-k/Metal Gate Metal/Insulator/Metal Capacitors (MIMCAPs) on Silicon (100)”. IEEE Trans. Elect. Dev. 60(10), 3305–3309 (2013).


63) J. P. Rojas, G. A. Torres Sevilla, M. M. Hussain*, “Can We Build a Truly High Performance Computer Which is Flexible and Transparent?” Nature Sci. Rep. 3, 2609 (2013). DOI: 10.1038/srep02609


[Highlighted as research spotlight in Physicsworld: New silicon devices are fast, flexible and semi-transparent, Read more:,   


Nanotechweb: On the road to transparent, flexible computers, Read more: (  


Nanowerk: On route to building flexible high-performance computers , Read More: (


EE Journal’s feature article: Flexible, Transparent Silicon? A New Approach from KAUST, Read More:


Laboratory News’ feature article: How to flex, bend and stretch, Read More:]


64) M. T. Ghoneim, J. P. Rojas, A. M. Hussain, M. M. Hussain*, “Additive advantage in characteristics of MIMCAPs on flexible silicon (100) fabric with release-first process” Phys. Status Solidi (RRL) 8(2) 1–4 (2013).


65) M. Hussain*, J. P. Rojas, G. A. Torres Sevilla, “Flexible transparent devices from bulk silicon (100)”, SPIE Newsroom (2013). DOI: 10.1117/2.1201311.004863


66) J. E. Mink, M. M. Hussain*, “Sustainable Design of High Performance Micro-sized Microbial Fuel Cell with Carbon Nanotube Anode and Air Cathode”, ACS Nano, 7(8), 6921–6927 (2013).


[Highlighted in Nanowerk as spotlight: A sustainable nanotechnology design for micro-sized microbial fuel cells, Read more:]  


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