I believe in technological empowerment of humanity for greater good in the form of smart living and a sustainable future. Since, I am an Electrical Engineer by training, my prior experience in CMOS technology and my passion about electronics allow me to explore new applications to augment the quality of life. Today’s electronics are fast, energy efficient, small and reliable. Going forward, I believe they will also be live (interactive), freeform (physically flexible, stretchable, and reconfigurable) and democratized (easy to learn, simple to implement and use and affordable to everyone). Accessible technology for all is my goal and therefore, I fuse variety of technologies using hybrid set of materials, processes and devices to carry out seamless heterogeneous integration using multi-disciplinary efforts involving physics, chemistry, biology, electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, material science and engineering and bioengineering.

Our world is essentially a collection of many individuals. Based on variety of variables, their life experiences also vary. Therefore, my objective has always been to provide sustainable solution to enhance their life experience. Since food, water, energy and environment are fundamental needs for all the living beings, my research focuses on them. And at the same time, I work on the next stage needs like healthcare, safety, education and infotainment. Multi-disciplinary nature of our research allows us to focus on most of the engineering grand challenges identified by the United States National Academy of Engineering:

  • Developing portable (in the form of wearable and implantable) low-power interactive electronic tools for accessible advanced personalized learning and healthcare for people all around the world with diverse age groups, economical conditions and educational backgrounds.
  • Developing compliant non-invasive to minimally invasive interfaces to understand brain and using the learning to enhance usage of our brains and creating artificial intelligence to use them through interactive robotics.
  • Using electronic sensors and actuators for symbiotic synthesis of food-water-energy-environment for enhanced productivity and quality to ensure the basic needs for everyone in the world. 
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