SISCA 2012

5 projects in SISCA 2012

​Salman Inayat with Thermoelectricity from Windows in Energy Efficient Building, Jhonathan Rojas and Sally Ahmed with Towards the Energy Chip, Hossain Fahad with Energy Efficient Electronics for Smart Living and Sustainable Future, Justine Mink for Turning Wastewater to Energy Sustainability: Micro sized Microbial Fuel Cell and Galo Torres Sevilla for Flexible Thermoelectric Generators for Energy Harvesting - all are selected as finalists for 2012 Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award. The competition review team was very impressed by the pioneering graduate research being pursued at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Our students' work uphold a strong commitment to the 2015 Dos sustainability goals, as well as demonstrate new and inventive methods of addressing problems of global impact. Kudos to the team of young inventors!