SPIE 2013

Dr. Hussain will serve as session organizer and chair in SPIE 2013 for invited only session on Wearable Electronics


For the first time the global luminaries of wearable electronics will talk in the same session: Prof. John Rogers (UIUC), Prof. Takao Someya (Princeton and Univ. of Tokyo), Prof. Jack Ma (UWISC), Prof. Saif Islam (UC Davis), Prof. Zhenan Bao (Stanford), Prof. Ali Javey (UC Berkeley), Prof. Mike McAlpine (Princeton) and Prof. Muhammad Mustafa Hussain (KAUST).

Micro-Nanotechnology Sensors, Systems, and Applications Conference, SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Symposium 2013, Baltimore, 29 April – 3 May 2013